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The Charleston Retirement Relocation Service offers consultations and advice that help retirees settle into a place they can call home. The way of live here in Charleston SC is warm, relaxed and enjoyable. If you are considering to retire to our beautiful city then you have landed on the right page. This website is a resource for Over 55, active adults who are seeking advice on relocation or looking to buy a property.

Whats it like to Retire in Charleston?

This city has all the ingredients for a healthy and active lifestyle… The year round warm weather, the the numerous activities available, the great food and laid back friendly people all adds up to a fantastic atmosphere. The stretch of coastline here has so much to offer and if you have ever visited you would know why this has become such a sought after place to retire

Retirees come here to move into their dream home with the help of our top realty agent partners in Charleston. We would be delighted to have all your questions answered and take great pride in the level of customer service we have become well known for.

Living happily, acheiving a great sense of well being and having an area full of interesting landmarks and natural settings – Charleston really can be the place you call home and to live your ideal life.

Pay particualr attention to the retirement communities in Charleston. These communities offer resort style living and Charleston have some of the best in South Carolina.



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Customer Service – Our Most Important Value

  • "Our representative was phenomenal and extremely responsive!"

    “Every step of the way these folks were always accessible and went out of their way to be helpful.”

    "Our representative was phenomenal and extremely responsive!"
    David & Esther
    Moved from NY to South Carolina
  • "The sales team had a no pressure approach and was very helpful."

    “I was trying to make the decision to move to SC. My representative always kept me advised of what was happening…

    "The sales team had a no pressure approach and was very helpful."
    Moved from PA to SC
  • "Our representative was extremely nice and very knowledgeable."

    “Always there for us to answer questions and was very easy to work with.”

    "Our representative was extremely nice and very knowledgeable."
    Gus and Linda
    Moved from NY to Charleston

Best Places To Retire in Charleston Popular Over 55 Communities

retirement communities in Charleston Active adult lifestyle and relocation opportunities

The Charleston Retirement Service has taken bold steps to ensure that its customers have a wide range of wonderful options. Making sure you have a seamless move to our great city is what motivates us and keeps us searching for your perfect retirement community.

The essence of a reputable relocation service…..

Retiring to a new place can be a tough decision, especially for the experienced people looking to find their peace of mind and happiness. With the support system provided by a our reputable real estate service, many of our retirees have discovered that relocating is the best choice they ever made. Besides, we are confident that Charleston can provide so much opportunity for people from all walks of life.

Sometimes retirees may have concerns as relocating can mean isolating themselves from the loved ones they are used to having close by. Living in a new strange place with no idea of its culture and way of life is can be a challenge to overcome. It all about how to belong in a new place, how to come to a historic town like this and make it your own.

We can help settle those nerves by filling in the gaps of what you need to know to be confident that this is the right place for you. Its great to have a vacation in the area so you really get a feel for the fantastic way of life here. We like to provide some simple guidelines before you make the big decision to move and relocate. Its always good to know the demographics, financial stability, such as economy, business, and related facts.
Finding out about the healthcare status, availability of hospitals and other facilities, access to nursing care and other really important details.

We hope you try to Discover what’s exciting about the place. If you are an active elder, you might want to check what sports the local people are busy with, availability of amusement, arts, shopping, dining, and parks.

These are all the topics you can discuss with us as we have the knowledge and experience of this local area and have helped many before you make this life changing move…

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Charleston is a city in South Carolina (SC) and is known for being the second largest city in the southern states of America. Having known for its rich culture and history, Charleston is also popular for being one of the oldest cities in SC.

Retiring in Charleston is simply a place that befits a retiree’s aim for a low-country lifestyle that’s good for health and wellness, favourable demographics, abundance of things to do, and spectacular coastal location. When thinking about retire in Charleston, the first few things that come to mind are the unspoiled coastal waters, amazing waterways and viewing the horizon with its sunny climate.

This beautiful city in the southeastern US is home to many beautiful settings and wonderful weather. It’s a respite from the busy life of the corporate regions and there are enjoyable boating experiences in the mix of rivers and ocean.

Many of the residents are family oriented, which is beneficial for retired people as they will often have visiting relatives. And not to mention the unique educational institutions (the Center for Retirement at The College of Charleston) that even retirees can benefit from.

Ultimately everybody has their own reasons for retiring to this great city, but its all about finding your reasons. Discovering the feel and passion that people have here for life is something you cant explain it has to be felt.



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55 plus communities in Charleston

Charleston Relocation Services is one of those retirement communities that make a retirement community a wholesome place for retirees to settle and choice over staying at their old homes. As it provides wonderful amenities, settling in a retirement community, according to studies, is the best viable option when a retirees home is not the best place to be.

Old proverbs say that ‘home is where the heart is.’

Standing on this premise, retirement communities are designed and tailored to cater to people of older age where they can feel the sweetness of home. While this is a broad matter, the idea of having something to call your own and finding yourself in a place where you belong are what retirement communities are built for.

Ideal Homes in the real lowcountry

What’s more endearing is that Charleston is one among the 55 plus communities in South Carolina where retirees are eyeing for in terms of settling for a long term. And it’s because they have discovered promising benefits that they couldn’t get when they were still part of the workforce and grinding the daily life in a corporate world.

There’s more to life in a residential community than just fulfilling yourself with the perks of a high income and juicy bank account. In the end, what matters is genuine happiness that you yearn to live with for the rest of your life.

In a Charleston retirement community, active adults find more engagement with their senses by participating in community activities.  Commiting to physical health, worthwhile hobbies, fun and sports, leisure, stroll, hike, trails, spending time in beaches, boats, yachts, surfing, witnessing the spectacle of sunrise in the horizon, buying tickets for shows, musicals, and visiting art museums, hanging out with new acquaintances over coffee, restaurants, shops, and more.

In a retirement community, better opportunities come in many aspects:

  • It helps a person stay young by living longer and healthy.
  • Happiness is a genuine achievement.
  • Forging new friendships is on the way.
  • It helps the retired become more financially stable, emotionally secure and happy, which contributes to mental health.
  • They find meaning in life.

Live in the best places in South Carolina!

Your choice in which retirement community to choose is can be tough decision. The steps you make will affect major aspects in your life, and that includes your finances, your loved ones, your health and quality of life, and your happiness.

If you are deep in these thoughts, our Charleston Relocation Retirement Service is a great service company you can rely with. We will help you make informed decisions and evaluate your current retirement situation and financial stability. Ultimately, we will care about your future happiness.

Charleston Relocation ensures that you receive the quality of life you longed for, as we made our facility tailor fit for retirees like you. Be safe with our 24-hour security, live “at home” with our high-quality living conditions and amenities, privacy, and independence and take a good night sleep with peace of mind.

Call Charleston Relocation Retirement Services now and experience our warm and respectful customer service. 


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